Back to School

I was in Lockerbie Academy today leading some training in communication with their staff team. Alongside the serious work of thinking about our content, framing and delivery,  we also laughed a lot,  and I had the opportunity to encourage them that the work they are engaged in has lasting significance and value in the lives of the young people they encounter.

It’s in the same spirit that I wrote and performed a short poem/prayer at church yesterday. At this time of year, as we launch into a new season of school, work and routine tasks, it can be tempting to forget the purpose behind it all. God is building a kingdom or hope, and all of us get to play air part in that. Perhaps this poem will help and encourage you as the summer ends.

It’s back to school
And back to work
Pick up the everyday routine
Of new shoes and old paths
Schoolbags and packed lunches, laptops and half-forgotten logins
Early morning rush
And creeping evening darkness

No more the lazy days of choosing what to do
Of sunny faces, ice cream
And long summer sunsets
And time to be, just be
Autumn looms and life charges in
With drizzle and darkness, central heating and soup
The creep of winter and fear of what lies ahead
The resumption of responsibility
Pulled from the longing to linger

It’s back to school
And time to learn anew
The value of fresh encounter with you
Of knowing you in the minute by minute
Of enjoying your pleasure in the everyday
Of knowing our purpose and your presence
With us, in the dishes, and the pencil case and the early morning run

It’s time to sigh with thankfulness for summer well spent
To apply ourselves again to what you ask
To commit in the routine to know your
‘well done’ whispered over us
To know your
‘I am with you’
In the hard times and the joy
To dwell in your peace
In the darkness and the unknown

It’s back to school
It’s back to you
It’s kingdom come
And serving you wherever you may lead us next
And may your kingdom come in our hearts
In our homes
In our studies
In our work
In our families
In our calling
May your kingdom come and may your will be done
In us
In the everyday
Today and everyday


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